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Kyani nutritional and skin care products have helped 1000s of people in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world in many ways. This page features Kyani reviews from both Team Abundance customers, and from other customers that have purchased the products from other distributors worldwide.

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Team Abundance Customer Reviews

Improved performance - Kyani Nitro FXBryce - October 30, 2017

“This product help me boost my performance and loving the results I am getting. I feel confident talking this product knowing it comes from all natural sources.”

5 out of 5
So happy - Kyani SunsetDenise - October 30, 2017

“Taking Kyani sunset makes me feel good and I am so happy I found these products. I replaced this one supplement with 3 individual ones I was talking before and getting better results.”

5 out of 5
Complete Health - Kyani Nitro FX Triangle of Health PackSherry - September 2, 2017

“Complete health even though i eat a well balanced diet it is still hard to make sure I get all the nutrients my body needs from the foods I eat. I love how easy this triangle of health is to fit into my life, it's simply i take sunrise and when i go to sleep I take my sunset. I highly recommend you incorporate the triangle of health into your daily living for optimal health.”

5 out of 5
Easy and convenient - Kyani SunriseAlex - September 2, 2017

“I love how easy the little pouches are to grab on my way out the door.”

5 out of 5
Increased Energy - Kyani Nitro FX Triangle of Health Packadmin - August 28, 2017

“My Daughter gave me these products as a gift. I have been feeling very low energy due to some healthy issues. My energy levels have increased since i started taking the Kyani products and I will definitely ordering more.”

5 out of 5
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