Kyani Nutritional Business Builder Pack

All of Kyani's most popular products in one huge value pack!

Kyani Nutritional Business Builder Pack


Our most popular business pack with great value of array of Kyani products.

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The Kyani Business Builder Pack is jam-packed with everything you need to start your new Kyani business. This business pack comes with all the popular Kyani health supplements.

Kyani business Builder pack

Because so many Kyani products are included in the Business Builder Pack, you will have an abundance of products to use for yourself and also enough to share with your friends and family.  The Business Builder Pack also includes a sample to make it easy to share the products with people who are interested in trying to products.

Benefits of the Business Builder Pack

The Kyani Business Builder Pack sets you up for success to grow you new Kyani business. You are provided with your own personal web page to make it easy to promote your business and you are also provided with a Kyani distributor ID number. The Kyani Business Builder Pack gives you our own personal independent business without any of the headaches of logistics. Starting a Kyani business can support you on your journey to achieving financial independence and be your own boss.

This pack also includes Kyani Social, which are easy to use tools to share your Kyani business with potential customers.

What Does the Kyani Business Builder Pack Include?

In the builder pack, you’ll find:

  • Kyani New Distributor Folder
  • 2 x Kyani Sunrise (Packets)
  • 2 x Kyani Sunset
  • 1 x Kyani Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack
  • 1 x Kyani Nitro Xtreme 56ml
  • 1 Kyani Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack
  • 1 Kyani HL5
  • 1 Kyani Fit20
  • 3 months Kyani Pro
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Why Should You Choose This Pack?

  • Custom tools to support the success of your Kyani business
  • Improve your health and inspire others to do the same!
  • Easy to share products with family and friends with sample packs
  • All in one convenient pack to jump-start your journey to health and wealth freedom

Kyani business finical freedom

How Can You Buy Kyani Business Builder Pack?

Getting your business started with Kyani Business Builder pack is quick and easy.  You can get started right now by placing your order online. This all in one pack will jump start your business and support you in achieving your health and wealth goals.

Canadian Orders

Kyani Business Pack can be purchased in Canada for $750.

International Orders

All international orders are shipped from the closest distribution center in your country (they are NOT shipped from Canada). Prices vary depending on your country of residence.

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